Control your
Secondary Ticket Market

Tickething helps you to control your ticket re-sale market, focusing on real fan to fan ticket exchange, transparency and fair prices. Here you can see how...


Secure Ticket Exchange

Tickething makes the selling and buying of tickets safe, easy and transparent. We offer a 100% money back guarantee for customers. With an API connection to the primary ticket seller we can ensure a 100% secure ticket exchange experience.



Tickething is made by fans for fans. Only real and fair fan to fan tickets are sold via Tickething. Partnerships with event organisers, promoters and primary sellers allow us to effectively fight ticket touts and fraudsters.


Know Your Visitors

We provide amazing data of the secondary market for your event. We show you how high the demand on your secondary market is, how much buyers are willing to pay, what types of visitors are selling etc.


You are in control

Resale resctricted to face value only? No problem. You want to set your own price cap? No Problem. Resale of personalised tickets? No Problem. At Tickething YOU control your secondary market!


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