Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. General

Why would I use Tickething to sell or buy tickets?

Tickething makes the process of selling previously purchased e-tickets much easier. The selling, as well as the buying process, only takes a few minutes. All you need is internet access, and your e-tickets. The seller receives the payment, guaranteed. The buyer receives the tickets, 100%

Can I use the site without logging in with Facebook?

You are free to browse events and tickets without a Facebook login, but if you want to finalize the purchase or make a listing, you will have to log in with your Facebook account.

Can I use the site without a Facebook account?

We strive to build a trust relationship between Buyers and Sellers. Logging in with Facebook makes it possible to show the name, profile picture and number of friends the Sellers have. We use this to help the Buyers on deciding whether they trust the Seller or not. Moreover, we show the number of successful previous transactions for every Seller.

How can I delete my profile?

Click on the Profile tab in the upper right corner, go to My Profile and navigate to the bottom left corner.

2. Selling tickets

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Can I sell more than one ticket at the same time?

Sure, you can upload several tickets within one listing. It is important to note, however, that tickets in the same listing can only be offers at the same price. If you have tickets that you would want to sell at different prices, you will have to create separate listing for them.

What kinds of tickets can I sell on Tickething?

You can sell any kind of e-ticket on Tickething - sports events, concerts, festivals, museums etc. The only important criteria is that the ticket you want to sell has to be an original e-ticket, and should not be prohibited from being resold by the organizer. The tickets offered for sale have to be transferable. If a ticket is non-transferable, it is always stated on the ticket itself. It is the seller's responsibility to check this before uploading. In case you upload a non-transferable ticket, we may delete your listing.

What is an e-ticket?

The e-ticket is a ticket printing format, with the help of which buyers can receive their ticket via email and can print them themselves with a regular printer. Each e-ticket has a unique barcode/QR code, which permits the person possessing them to enter a venue or event. To open an e-ticket after having downloaded it, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to open the document. This can be downloaded for free from Adobe's site (

Is it safe to sell my ticket via Tickething?

YES. The goal of Tickething is to provide a reliable and trustworthy solution for purchasing e-tickets from individuals. We continuously check whether the details shown on the tickets match with the details provided by the seller. If a given ticket has been verified, a VERIFIED label will be shown on the listing's page, next to the Seller's profile picture.

When will I receive my ticket?

Tickets you purchased will be immediately available after payment, in the Profile - My Purchases section, to be found in the top right corner of the screen. Additionally, after a successful transaction, we will also send the ticket to your email address.
Can I use a ticket which I have listed on Tickething but has not been sold? Yes. Please make sure to delete your listing before using the ticket otherwise, someone could still buy the ticket and try to enter the event with it.

Can I also sell non e-tickets on Tickething?

The Tickething platform can currently only provide safe ticket exchange solutions original PDF e-tickets. Scanned copies and photographs of other ticket formats are not considered to be original tickets, thus these cannot be sold on Tickething. IMPORTANT: Even in the case of e-tickets, you are only permitted to sell the original PDF document. Scanned and photographed copies or other formats should not be uploaded to the site, because the barcodes may get damaged. I created a new event, but it does not appear in the search results. When you make a listing for a new event created by you, your ticket will immediately be available for buyers, but the event's page will have to be approved by the Tickething team. Meanwhile, the unique link of your posting will be shareable, and anyone will be able to buy your ticket via the link.

I already have a buyer for my ticket.

In case you already have a buyer, use the following method to sell your ticket directly to them. On the I have a ticket for sale page, in the last stage of the upload process (Finalize), provide the buyer's e-mail address in the I already have a buyer section. The buyer will receive an e-mail notification with a link to your listing, via which he or she can buy the ticket.

Can I re-sell a ticket I have bought on Tickething?

Of course! As long as the ticket still adheres to the requirements (original PDF document, e-ticket), you can sell tickets previously purchased on Tickething.

3. Tickets offered for sale

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How can a ticket be reserved?

When a user puts a ticket in his cart, we mark the ticket as reserved. The reason for this is to prevent multiple users from buying the same ticket at the same time. In such cases, the person who currently has the ticket in his or her car has 5 minutes to finalize the transaction. If they exceed the time limit, the ticket will be made available for everyone. Sellers cannot delete or modify tickets that are currently reserved.

How can I delete a listing?

Click on the Profile tab in the upper right corner, go to Active listings and delete your listing.

How can I modify the information of a ticket I have listed?

Click on the Profile tab in the upper right corner, go to Active listings. Here, click on the Edit option to see an overview of your listing's data. Click on the Edit button next to the Ticket information or the Personal data sections to edit the appropriate section.

How do I know if one of my tickets has been sold?

If your ticket has been bought, you will receive an e-mail notification. In addition, the listing for that ticket will be moved from the Active listings to the Previous listings menu in My Profile.

What does it cost to create a listing?

Creating a listing is free of charge, we will only charge a 10% transaction fee once a ticket has been sold.


4. Sold tickets

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When will I receive my money?

In case of a successful transaction, we will transfer the offset to the bank account you provided, usually on the first working day following the event. Please keep in mind that in case of delays, transactions can take more than one business day depending on the bank, and transactions made on weekends are only finalized by the banks on Monday.

5. Seller ratings

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 I have successfully sold a ticket. Where is my positive rating?

 If the Buyer does not report any issue with the ticket after the event, you will automatically receive a positive rating. People will see the number of positive ratings you have received so far under your profile picture for your future listings.

How can I get a negative rating? If there was an issue with the ticket you have sold (example: not transferable, someone already used it before the Buyer etc.), we will get in touch with you and you will get a negative rating. If there is a valid reason, we will permanently remove your profile from Tickething.


6. I'd like to buy a ticket

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Is it safe to buy a ticket via Tickething's site?

YES. The goal of Tickething is to provide a reliable and trustworthy solution for purchasing e-tickets from individuals. We continuously whether the details shown on the tickets match with the details provided by the seller. If a given ticket has been verified, a VERIFIED label will be shown on the listing's page, next to the Seller's.

What kind of payment methods are supported?

For now, we only support payments with banking or credit cards.

Can someone put up the same ticket multiple times for sale?

No, because we check the barcodes of the uploaded tickets. If someone puts up multiple tickets with the same barcode, we will remove the listing from the system.

Could the Seller print and use the ticket I have bought?

Theoretically, yes, however, it is quite unlikely. If he does, you should let us know and we will make sure he does not receive the payout, and you will receive a full refund. We strive to show you as much information as possible before the purchase to help you decide whether to trust the seller or not. Before a purchase, you will be able to see the name, Facebook profile picture and a number of friends the Seller has. Moreover, the ticket's info will also be provided, which we will also compare with the info provided by the Seller. Once a ticket has been verified, you will see a VERIFIED label on the ticket's page, next to the Seller's name. If the Seller decides to use a ticket he has sold earlier, you will not be able to validate your ticket at the entrance. In such cases, you could try to record (e.g. take a photo of) the message that appears on the e-ticket scanner's display. If you are not allowed to do that, you should request a document on the spot to prove that the ticket has already been validated before you. We will settle things based on these and will try to find a solution to the issue.

Am I able to make contact with the Seller?

The goal of Tickething is to make the purchase and sale of tickets as simple as possible. With the help of this platform, there is no need for constant e-mail and message exchanges or personal meetings between the two parties. To keep it this way, there is no possibility for Buyers and Sellers to get in touch with each other. Of course, we store the contact info of both parties and in case of any issues, we are able to contact both the Seller and the Buyer.

As a buyer, what are the costs of using the site?

You can browse the events and uploaded tickets on our site for free. We charge a 10% fee for each successful transactions.

7. Buying tickets

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Where is the email with my ticket?

The e-mail may run a little late, it may land in your Spam folder. In case you did not provide an alternate email address, we will send the tickets to the email used by your Facebook account. We suggest that if the email you provided during the purchase differs from the one associated with your Facebook account, check both of them. Also, don't forget that you can download your purchased tickets in the My Purchases menu in the Profile tab.

Someone else's name is present on the e-ticket I bought. Could this become an issue at the entrance?

No. E-tickets usually have the name of the buyer written on them, but this does not mean that only the original buyers can use the ticket. E-tickets provide entry for the first person validating the barcode at the entrance, not the person whose name appears on them.

The information on the ticket does not correspond to the info provided in the listing. What to do now?

In such cases, contact us as soon as possible via our chat or send a mail to Don't worry, we will, by all means, try to fix the issue, which most likely stems from a mistake by the Seller. Please don't put up your ticket for sale before contacting us, as this would just make the situation worse.

8. I'm looking for a ticket

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How can I report that I'm looking for a ticket for an event which is not yet on the site?

You can choose which event you want to buy a ticket for. If you can't find the event by using the search field, you can create a new event page by clicking on the Add new event button. IT IS IMPORTANT TO check beforehand whether the specific event is available or not. You reduce the chance finding a ticket if you create a new event page instead of posting your request to an existing event page.

Where are the email notifications about available tickets?

We only send email notifications about tickets we already validated, so you won't receive notifications about new tickets until they haven't been validated. It is possible that for very popular events, tickets get sold within a few minutes, thus you won't get notified about them. If the Seller indicates a specific buyer during upload, we cannot send notifications about that ticket.



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